Eye Exercises = Better Vision

• Reduce Dependency On Corrective Lenses
• Stronger, Healthier, More Relaxed Eyes
• Improve Focusing Power Naturally
• Reduce Risk Of Eye Diseases
• Stop Further Deterioration

Do you suffer from blurred vision, loss of focusing power, or tired
gritty aching eyes? If so, we can help you. Just as you can improve
your health by gently exercising your body, you can improve your
vision by gently exercising your eyes. It makes sense and it works.

The Power Vision Program was developed by our team of eye
doctors and is effective against the following visual problems:

Eye Exercises    • Nearsightedness
   • Farsightedness
   • Astigmatism
   • Presbyopia
   • Eyestrain
   • Lazy Eye

The Power Vision Program contains innovative therapy techniques
that are not available anywhere else, including special biofeedback
eye-charts that effortlessly sharpen your eyesight.

The Power Vision Program has been proven effective in a clinical study. We're making it easily affordable as an Internet download
for just $40. You get the complete Power Vision Program, plus
e-mail advisory support from one of our vision therapists to
give you the fastest results possible.

Age is not a barrier. Even if you're a senior citizen, these new
therapy techniques will open your eyes to a brighter clearer
way of seeing! Use it for half an hour a day and your vision
will quickly improve. It's easy, it's fun, and it gets results.

   • Beautifully illustrated 72-page manual
   • Two mp3 musical exercise tracks
   • Easy step-by-step instructions
   • Ten biofeedback eye-charts
   • Free advisory support

Regardless of your visual problem, you should see the first signs
of improvement in about a week, and a significant improvement
in about 3 weeks. Most people get maximum results within about
6 weeks. You can then stop doing the exercises.

We can't promise you 20/20 vision, but you can realistically expect
a major increase in your natural focusing power. Most people stop
wearing glasses or only wear them part of the time. 16 of 21 patients
in the 6 week clinical study went from full-time glasses to not using
them, or only used them occasionally.

Read These Testimonials

In just a few short weeks,
your eyes will feel stronger,
healthier, and more relaxed.

You'll be delighted with your
new focusing power and less
dependent on your glasses.

In fact, you may no longer
need them if your eyesight
is not too bad to begin with.

Stronger Eyes Are Better Than Stronger Glasses!

How much longer are you willing to watch your eyesight get worse?
How much longer are you willing to put up with stronger glasses?
For the rest of your life? Or just a few more weeks…

Improving your vision is easy, once you know how. Let us help
you. Download the Power Vision Program today. There's no
obligation. Your eyes are important. Please do it now before
you get sidetracked and forget. You'll be glad you did.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We cordially invite you to take a closer look at
the Power Vision Program. There's no obligation.
Check it out. You must be fully satisfied or we'll
give you a prompt refund, no questions asked.
And you can keep the download as our way of
saying thank you for your time and interest.

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